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How to Maintain Your Furnace

It’s true. The average furnace lasts between 10 to 15 years but with careful maintenance, most units can run for much longer without needing a lot of furnace repairs. Keep reading to learn how you can prolong the life of your furnace and prevent the need for furnace repairs in Winnipeg.

Common Furnace Components

To properly maintain your furnace it’s important to get to know its individual components. While every model is slightly different, most furnaces will include some or all of the following parts:

  • Thermostat connected to your furnace’s electronic system
  • Ignition switch
  • Gas valve
  • Blower
  • Heat exchanger
  • Ducts and vents

Simple Maintenance Tasks

There are a few simple maintenance tasks that you can do yourself to keep your furnace in good running condition year after year. these include the following:

  • Keep the area around the furnace clean and free from debris to avoid damaging the system.
  • Change your air filter every 1-2 months (especially if you have pets or allergies).
  • Schedule annual maintenance visits as part of your regular home maintenance routine.

How to Tell When Your Furnace Needs Repair

There are a number of warning signs to be on the lookout for that indicates when your furnace needs fixing. It may be time to call a professional for a furnace repair in Winnipeg if:

  • The furnace is more than 15 years old
  • The furnace is blowing cold air
  • There’s a sudden increase in your energy costs 
  • There’s a sudden increase in the amount of dust in your home
  • The thermostat reading is inaccurate
  • Your furnace is producing strange smells or sounds

Annual Maintenance Visits

A heating and cooling professional from Sarte Heating & Cooling Ltd. can perform annual preventative maintenance to help you keep your furnace in top condition year round. Our yearly service visits include:

  • Electronic diagnostics on your thermostat and wiring
  • Testing of the ignition and fuel input
  • Inspection of your heat exchanger to look for cracks or signs of corrosion
  • Carbon monoxide testing and inspection of carbon monoxide detectors
  • Inspection, adjustment and lubrication of your blower assembly for proper heat distribution
  • Inspection of ventilation system to ensure that intake and outtake pipes are free of debris

If you need extensive furnace repair in Winnipeg, or you think it’s time for a replacement, visit Sarte Heating & Cooling Ltd. without delay. Winnipeg trusts Sarte Heating & Cooling Ltd. for the sales, installation, maintenance and emergency repair of furnaces, air-conditioners and more. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services or to request a quote.

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