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5 Signs that Your Hot Water Tank is Dying

You count on your hot water tank every day when you’re in the shower, doing laundry or washing the dishes. It’s one of the hardest working appliances in every Winnipeg home. That’s why it’s so important to keep your water tank in good working condition. Continue reading for five signs that your hot water tank in Winnipeg is on its way out.

1. Weird Noises
Banging, popping, screeching and other strange noises emanating from your tank are a sure sign that there’s a build of sediment in the bottom of the tank. Mineral deposits develop over time and interfere with the tank’s ability to heat the water which leads to noises and eventually to leaks.

2. No Hot Water
One of the most common signs that your hot water tank in Winnipeg is dying is the inability to produce a consistent supply of hot water. Whether your hot water is coming out sporadically, lukewarm, or not at all, irregular delivery is a sure sign that the tank is having troubles.

3. Cloudy Water
If your water has always been clear and suddenly turns cloudy, a build-up of mineral deposits inside your tank could be to blame. Excess mineral deposits may also result in water with a strange smell or a strange taste. To solve this problem you’ll have to flush the tank yourself or call in a professional to do it for you.

4. Leaks
Any kind of leak in your hot water delivery system is a bad sign. Whether you have rusted and leaking connections or there’s a leak coming from the tank itself, it’s a problem that requires immediate attention. Repair or replace your tank as soon as you notice the leak to avoid flooding.

5. Increased Energy Costs
A sudden spike in your monthly energy costs could point to a leak somewhere in your hot water tank. If your water bill shows an unexplained increase in consumption or if your hot water costs are on the rise and you’re not sure why, it’s a good idea to have your tank checked out by one of the professionals at Sarte Heating & Cooling Ltd.

Winnipeg’s Hot Water Tank Experts

Always hire a professional when installing a new hot water tank to ensure that everything is installed correctly and adheres to all applicable Manitoba building codes. Call Sarte Heating & Cooling Ltd. today for h sales, installations, maintenance, and emergency repairs for hot water tanks in Winnipeg today.

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