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What Are the Benefits of Duct Cleaning?

Mike Holmes agrees – healthier air quality, better airflow, and more energy efficiency – there’s a time and a place for duct cleaning. Dead squirrels, adult movies, and children’s toys all have been dug out of the air ducts in households across Canada.When looking for a duct cleaning in Winnipeg specialists, do your research and choose carefully, comparing services to ensure a quality job – get several quotes, ask for references, and ensure the company is going to clean and inspect all of the air ducts and system components in the home. Sarte Heating and Cooling Ltd only employs licensed technicians who have over 10 years of professional experience, who ensure your duct work and HVAC system are properly installed and maintained for efficient operation and the elimination of contaminated particles from your home. 

“For duct cleaning to be of any benefit, it has to be properly done,” said Holmes in a 2011 Winnipeg Free Press article. “That means that the duct cleaner needs to clean all the HVAC system components: the cold-air return, the grilles, diffusers, heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans, fan and motor housing and the air-handling unit” – all the system components covered by Sarte Heating and Cooling Ltd.

When Should You Clean Your Ducts?
When should you have your ducts cleaned? Duct cleaning in Winnipeg is recommended if there is mould, ducts are infested with vermin, clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris, or if particles are blowing out of air ducts. Moving into a new home – particularly if there were pets or smokers in the house previously – a newly built home, or just had a major renovation done, when dust, dirt and construction material end up in the ducts, are all times to have your ducts cleaned. This junk doesn’t belong in a modern HVAC system. Another critical time is when water has entered the air system through a leak or flood and mold is growing in the ducts.

How Much Is Duct Cleaning in Winnipeg?
In an average-size home, the service should take two to three hours and cost can vary depending on the size and number of vents. Sarte Heating and Cooling Ltd.’s 2017 Annual Maintenance Package includes duct cleaning, a furnace tune up, and annual air conditioner inspection (a $468 value) for just $327 plus tax or $369.50 taxes included. Take advantage of the program today to ensure you and you’re furnace is ready for winter with improved air quality throughout your home and your family’s well-being.

Contact the Experts
Established in October 2005, Sarte Heating and Cooling Ltd now has 15 employees and a fleet of 8 service vehicles, to provide “Home Comfort Solutions” not only to Winnipeggers but also to our clients from nearby towns. Whether you’re in need of duct cleaning in Winnipeg services, HVAC maintenance or a new installation, Sarte Heating and Cooling Ltd. has the professional technicians to get the job done right. Contact us at 204-697-2783 or text 1-204-979-4316 today. Emergency service is available.

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