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Are Furnace Tune-Ups Necessary?

Why furnace tune-ups aren’t optional
Proper maintenance is important for many things, including your car, your home and, yes, your furnace. We don’t always think about our furnace as something to maintain, maybe because it’s not a part of the house we see every day. Regular tune-ups and preventive maintenance will ensure that you don’t spend part of the winter shivering while waiting for repairs.

More tune-ups mean fewer breakdowns
A good reason to have your furnace serviced every year is that professionals can spot problems before they snowball into a complete breakdown of your heating system. If you decide to skip an inspection to save a little money, you might be facing much steeper expenses in the future. Make sure that the person you hire follows a detailed checklist, so they don’t miss any potential issues.

Better performance leads to more savings
Regular maintenance doesn’t just protect you from having to pay for costly repairs. Making sure your furnace is working at peak efficiency can shave significant amounts off your heating bill. Think of the cost of an inspection as an investment, as it will likely help your furnace run better and protect you from the major expense that comes with emergency repairs.

Protect your family
Poor ventilation and furnace malfunctions can lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which is a very serious health concern. Regular inspections ensure that any problems are spotted early on, so that you and your family stay safe.

Contact a professional
Some homeowners pride themselves on being handy, but while being able to get work done around the house can save you money down the line, you should always call a professional to service your furnace or HVAC system. Not only do professionals have a wealth of experience you may lack but improper handling can also void the warranty on your system so that if you do find a problem you’ll have to foot the bill for any replacement parts or repairs.

Signs you need a tune-up
First off, if it’s been over a year since you last had your furnace inspected, it’s time to do so. That said, if you notice a gas smell, water pooling near your system or strange noises, you should have someone look at your furnace right away. Weak airflow or temperature inconsistencies are also signs that your furnace might need repairs. You should consider purchasing a new furnace after 15 years, recommended from Sarte Heating & Cooling Ltd. A Carrier authorized dealer for Winnipeg.

Furnace repair in Winnipeg
Carrier –turn to the experts in furnace installation, repair and maintenance in Winnipeg. Consider contacting us at Sarte Heating & Cooling, we’re one of just two Carrier Factory Authorized Dealer. Our certified technicians provide a range of services, so call us today if you have any questions.

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